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Sunset Home Improvements to Celebrate 55th Anniversary Home remodeling business opens its doors June 15th to commemorate three generations of family ownership and first class service.

By Brian Pittman of Abecadarium

El Segundo’s Sunset Home Improvements will host an open house June 15th to celebrate its 55th anniversary. Vice president Bill Pedrino invites local chamber members, business owners, professionals and community leaders to stop by the company’s headquarters at 111 Main Street that afternoon. Refreshments will be served from 3-5 p.m. El Segundo Mayor Gordon is expected to make an appearance to ring in the event.

Founded in 1948 by “Grandpa” William T. Pedrino, the company originally sold and installed wood windows and doors. By 1965, Sunset’s founding father was forced to hire his thirteen year-old son to keep up with demand. For over twenty years, William and Don headed the company together, improving homes nationwide. In 1998, Sunset relocated from Hawthorne to El Segundo.

Though the move only measured four miles, it catapulted the business from four part-timers to over 25 full-time employees. Working out of larger offices, the company launched new home renovation products and catered to a growing list of clients. Don’s son was made partner in 2000, and Bill later moved Sunset to its current location on Main Street.

“Through 55 years of growth, we’ve had one mission — ‘making your old home new again,’” says Bill. “Repeat customers and referrals know we deliver on that mission every day. That’s why they keep coming back. They’ve experienced our commitment to first class service across three generations. This anniversary is a celebration of that.”

That commitment to quality work and top-notch service will be on display at the Sunset 55th Anniversary Open House on June 15th. Stop by 111 Main Street to help this third generation family business celebrate over five decades of happy customers.

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Proud of Success Sunset Thanks Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Friends for Their Support!

In a proud statement issued from their company headquarters, Sunset Home Improvements announced that 2003 is the 55th Anniversary of the founding of their business. The company started back in 1948, the same year the New York gave up the title of being the only city to have a rapid transit standard fare of $.05, when it raised that fare to $.10. The fare has not been raised since 1904.

A gallon of gas only cost $.16 and a new car was $1,230, except for the new Porsche, which was introduced that year.

Other introductions included “Dial”, the first deodorant soap, “Pepsi-Cola” in a can, long-playing records, and the board game “Scrabble”, which made it’s debut in home everywhere that year.

What Else Happened in 1948?

Paperback books were all the rage, as reading soon became cheap and very portable pleasure. Over 135 million paperback books were sold that year alone.
In other classic entertainment, the New York Opera was televised for the first time s the season opened with Othello!

Yes, when you think about it, things have changed in 55 years. But, after all this time there are some things that have remained the same.
One good thing is that Sunset Home Improvements is still around and thriving after 55 years of hard work and lots of dedication by everyone involved…and most importantly, caring about customers who helped us reach this milestone.



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