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Sunset Home Improvements is proud to announce that it is adding Milgard’s WoodClad™ windows and patio doors to its product list.

The Next Generation of Wood Windows

Welcome to the next generation of windows. Milgard’s WoodClad™ line suits not only the architectural purist, but the architectural realist as well. WoodClad is an innovative combination of the best materials to create the most durable, practical, beautiful window available today.

A Perfect Blending of the Ultimate Materials

We’ve looked. But there’s simply no single material that can make the ultimate window. That’s why we’ve combined the best materials available to make our best window, the WoodClad window.

Inside, where it matters, clear vertical grain Douglas Fir warms interiors with a look you just can’t achieve with pine. Only the most select wood makes the cut for a WoodClad window. We’re so picky, we actually count the number of annual growth rings per inch to maintain quality and consistency. Outside, we use pure, pultruded fiberglass, which is extremely durable, is always square, and has the strength and energy saving characteristics that surpass aluminum, wood, and vinyl.

The result is a window that truly blends the best materials, inside and out.

The Beauty of Fir

One look at a Milgard WoodClad window and you’ll notice a difference immediately. The warm tones and richness of fir make an ordinary pine window look, well ordinary. Vertical grain Douglas Fir is known by craftsmen for its superior characteristics, such as resisting dents and scratches, accepting stains with consistency and ease, and an extraordinary look that last and last. Our vertical grain fir is then onlayed to pultruded fiberglass to make a window that can’t be surpassed in combined strength, beauty and versatility.

A Better Window

When it comes to the details, we don’t stop at the wood we use. For example, thanks to some ingenious engineering, WoodClad Windows have no unsightly staple or nail holes that are so common in ordinary wood windows. Our customer focus means liner widths that fit your job with no extra jamb extensions required. We even use only solid stainless steel screws throughout the window, so there’s nothing to corrode or rust. Ever.

The Stability of Fiberglass, the Strength of Milgard

Fiberglass is perhaps the ultimate building material. It offers amazing durability, thermal benefits and low maintenance.
Because of its inherent properties, fiberglass can’t swell like wood. It expands and contracts less than vinyl, aluminum, even steel. I can’t warp, rot, chip or fade. In fact, it’s so tough, we need diamond tipped saw blades to cut it. Even the glazing bead is fiberglass, meaning it to will never shrink, dent or warp. Your windows are always perfectly straight, perfectly square.

Pultrusion 101

The making of their pultruded fiberglass, or “pultrusion” is a story in itself. Long fiberglass strands called “rovings” are drawn through a resin bath, then wrapped by “mats”, which add torsional strength. A catalyst in the resin hardens the material as the material is drawn through a hot die at tremendous force. The end result is an impervious material that resists nearly anything Mother Nature can throw its way.


Mother Nature Can’t Scare Milgard’s Engineers

Milgard’s engineers have already soaked, baked, frozen and boiled their windows to overcompensate for the conditions you face in your climate. And if WoodClad Windows can hold their shape and perform after this brutality, imagine how strong they’ll be in your home. Fiberglass is one of the most energy efficient, structural materials available, and offer a strength that vinyl just can’t provide.

The True “No Maintenance” Window

The exterior fiberglass come pre-finished in White or one of our specialty colors. A finish that will never crack, peel or need re-painting, ever. But if you require a custom color, fiberglass – unlike vinyl – can be painted at the job site with proper preparation. Ask Sunset Home Improvements for details.

As Easy to install as they are to Enjoy

We build windows to fit your openings. We don’t require you to build your home around our windows. So if you got a 2646 opening, we build your window to fit it.

Personalize WoodClad for Your Home

The real beauty of WoodClad Windows is that the possibilities are endless.

Custom Shapes, Sizes & Grids

If you can dream it, we can build it. Every WoodClad Window is custom built to your order, even standard sizes. So whether it’s a small bathroom window or a large feature window, your WoodClad Window receives the same quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. WoodClad offers a variety of standard grid configurations, or we can customize a grid to your design.

Custom Hardware

WoodClad hardware is available in Clay or White, or you can upgrade to a brass finish. It is tailor-made for the Milgard window system. And screens come in the color matched to your hardware.

The Perfect Finish

Inside, the clear vertical grain fir, offers a finish like no other window. Whether it’s a simple varnish or a rich stain, WoodClad Windows can be personalized to match any interior trim package.

Endless Possibilities

Since every WoodClad Window is custom made to your order, you’re not limited to standard glazing options. Choose from Low-E, laminated glass, a variety of tints, or even Heat Mirror™, in any standard or custom window size.
With literally hundreds of different shapes and sizes, chances are we already make just a window you were looking for. And remember that WoodClad is available in custom configuration too!

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